Skiastron with strategic orientation its development in Greece and always guided by the production of products and the provision of services that meet the requirements of its customers, regarding the construction, marketing and installation of shading systems and related objects, decided to install and operate a Quality Management System, in accordance to the requirements of the ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015. The quality approach is a continuous and strictly defined process, that ensures the guarantees for the consistent presence of the company, in the area in which it operates.

The main motivation is:

  • The search for improvement of the internal operating system
  • The acquisition of know-how for the most complete implementation of the projects and coverage of the needs and requirements of the clients
  • The creation of an “external communication channel” at all levels, in order to ensure, on the one hand, the clear recording of the requirements of third parties (customers, suppliers, government or other bodies) and the clear statement by the company of how to cover them.
  • The training and utilization of human resources.

In the context of the continuous improvement of the System, the Management sets goals for the quality, as well as for its general development course, which are annually reviewed in terms of their degree of implementation, new ones are approved or older ones are modified, depending on the company performance and new conditions in its field of action.

The company is committed to:

  • The systematic monitoring and observance of the applicable requirements concerning its operation and activities
  • The continuous information of the employees on quality issues, the implementation of every required action that will contribute to the continuous improvement of the System, as well as the encouragement of its staff for its active participation on an individual and group level.
  • The continuous effort to improve the internal operation and the observance of the rules that govern its operation at all levels: supplies – orders – production – quality control – distribution.
  • The constant effort to standardize its operating procedures, in a way that promotes and ensures the provision of friendly and efficient service and the development of harmonious cooperation bonds with its customers and suppliers
  • the effective resolution of issues that concern its customers by responding promptly to their requests
  • the implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality System through the development of evaluation processes and related indicators
  • the systematic information of the company on the developments of the sector, in which it operates the continuous monitoring of the compliance of the produced products and the provided services with the requirements of its customers and the Legislation.
  • The provision of human and financial resources as well as equipment, in order to archive the continuous compliance with the requirements of the System
  • Continuous improvement through the development of evaluation processes and related indicators
  • Promoting open dialogue and informing stakeholders in a spirit of honesty and mutual respect.
  • The efficient and secure management of information that comes to its knowledge from the wider cooperation with its customers and the non-disclosure of these to third parties

The Management of company in collaboration with its executives ensures that the documented information of the Quality System, are communicated and are fully understood by all its human resources, are applied and observed at all levels of the organizational structure and in all its functions.

In addition, it asks external providers, as well as any other interested parties to embrace its principles, guiding them to operate in accordance with them.

Finally, this policy is available to staff, customers, suppliers and any interested parties.